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  • DataMiner partners with Amazon and StreamSend to provide its clients with additional resources to make the use of DataMiner a huge success. For more information, please visit our Partner Companies page.
  • DataMiner has its application approved in the Apple iTunes store. This is the first in many of the platforms that DataMiner support. Support for Android and Blackberry are in the works and coming soon. For more information and to download the iOS application, please visit the iTunes Store.

DataMiner is an application that was created by a couple of service industry guys who became frustrated with trying to collect and manage the information that they were collecting from their clientele.

DataMiner is designed to collect information from your current customers by giving them a something in return for them giving you small unobtrusive bits of information at each customer interaction. After collecting the information it is then searchable by fields that you can define in our back end website

DataMiner allows you to collect verified information from your clients.

bullet Instantly contact customers

bullet Easily Collect names and pictures

bullet Add special offer to every photo

bullet Promote upcoming events

bullet Add your current customer info

bullet Target specific groups with email

bullet Search database by any field

bullet Photos for social media sites

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